Generowanie JKS na podstawie CER

a) Creating Client Public and Private Key in Client keystore and Server Public and Private key in Server Keystore
keytool -genkey -alias clientX509v1 -keypass storepassword -storetype jks -storepass storepassword -validity 3650 -keyAlg RSA -keystore client-keystore.jks
keytool -genkey -alias serverX509v1 -keypass storepassword -storetype jks -storepass storepassword -validity 3650 -keyAlg RSA -keystore server-keystore.jks

b) Exporting clients public key to an external file and servers public key to an external file
keytool -export -alias clientX509v1 -file client-certfile.csr -keystore client-keystore.jks -storepass storepassword -keyAlg RSA
keytool -export -alias serverX509v1 -file server-certfile.csr -keystore server-keystore.jks -storepass storepassword -keyAlg RSA

c) Import the clients public certificate from the external file to server trust store and servers public certificate to the client trust store
keytool -import -noprompt -alias clientX509v1 -file client-certfile.csr -storepass storepassword -keystore server-truststore.jks -storetype JKS
keytool -import -noprompt -alias serverX509v1 -file server-certfile.csr -storepass storepassword -keystore client-truststore.jks -storetype JKS

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